Thursday, July 31, 2014

Loud & Proud

It used to be that being pregnant was something to hide...... My Mom and Grandma tell me about how ugly their maternity clothes were! These days, it's is something to flaunt and I am so glad! Being pregnant is something I really enjoy... most of the time. Besides the figure flattering styles, there are lots of fun graphic shirts to find. Lots of them only work while being pregnant, but I was drawn to this one because the saying works for after as well:

I make cute babies
Now, since this is my second child, I can really only make this statement with Richard in mind. But I know this new little guy will be just as adorable!
I used this tank as a swimsuit cover up on vaca, and it would be good sleepwear too. So comfy!
I make cute babies tank - Motherhood Maternity
Layered over this white tank - Motherhood Maternity
Indigo Blue skinny jeans - Motherhood Maternity
Necklace - Target (last year)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Round Rabbit at my favorite store!

 I've been buying porcelain jewelry and jewelry components (beads, pendants, etc...) from Nancy Adams at Round Rabbit for several years. Her designs and glazes are just gorgeous! So last year when she announced that she was partnering with Anthropologie, I was so excited! Even though I've never met Nancy in person, it is so neat to see someone you "know" get their work into Anthro.
Her first collaboration was 3 hardware knobs that were available earlier this year. They sold out so fast I was only able to nab 2 of them (however, I will share product page links below). I had always planned to do a blog post, with the hopes that I would find some cool secondhand end table that I would use the knobs on, but since that hasn't happened yet I wanted to go ahead and share because......
Nancy's second collaboration - coasters - just arrived in store and online! I try to post my purchases / finds pretty timely so that other people can buy if they are interested. How frustrating is it to see something cool, only to find out it has sold out? Anyway, the coasters are pictured above and they are a stunning mix of colors, patterns and textures! The Shade-Grown Coasters come in 5 different color combos, and are $8 each.
And here are the knobs, in case of a website popback or lucky store find:

Keyhole Knob

Where else can you find Nancy's work?
Her Big Cartel store
Her blog
I have 3 necklaces currently for sale in my Etsy shop that feature Nancy's pieces:
I can't wait to see what her next partnership with Anthropologie will be!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Seychelles

I've shown many tied shirt looks over the past few months, but they have all been with a black base. I decided to switch things up and go lighter. I am wearing a Lands End white dress (two looks previously shown here), paired with a Croft & Barrow peacock feather button down (Kohl's) that I got a few years ago.
Anthropologie recently ended their semi-annual tag sale. I was good, and only purchased one thing with the extra 20% off sale prices promo - these Seychelles Departure Wedges. I have long admired Seychelles shoes, but have never owned a pair. I have owned cheap knock offs of the designs, but have absolutely no regrets purchasing these! They are so comfy, and the leather smells so amazing. I had also had my eye on some very similar Jeffrey Campbell's over at Free People. That is the nice thing about Anthropologie and Free People being owned by the same company - you can often find similar pieces and then just watch for the best prices. You know me, I love strappy buckles on my footwear! These will last for years to come!

Arctic Feather Earrings - on sale at Anthropologie last summer
I will say one thing, white makes the bump look A LOT bigger than black does!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Deal Matriarch

I have to give credit where credit is due.... if I haven't said it here before, I learned my deal shopping ways from my Mom. I have scored many deals, however, I don't think I've ever scored one this good. So while visiting in Wisconsin this past weekend, we had the great idea to share how she dressed all three of us (from left to right - my sister in law Kaylan, my Mom, and me) for under $5.00
Yes, you read that right - $5.00
At the end of last summer, my Mom found these gowns at Kmart. They are actually sleepwear, but honestly, who would know? I don't know about you, but I never wear anything this fancy to bed! They are Jacklyn Smith brand. They were marked down to $13.99, and then 90% off!!! So she paid a whooping $1.39 per gown! It is honestly so comfy, because duh, you are wearing a nightgown!
As you can see, this maxi is flattering whether you are pregnant or not. Kaylan has mint sandals on, my Mom opted for white sandals, and I have tan ones (just to show how versatile the tropical colors are). I have on my Apt 9 (Kohl's) floral bib necklace that I purchased last summer.
That wasn't the only deal she found though. She also got these (again, Jacklyn Smith sleepwear) trapeze gowns. These were marked down to $11.99, plus the 90% off so that made them $1.19 each.
Cute, right?
I thought I'd show a few more ways to style the pieces. I've thrown my peach colored Free People maxi cardigan over the gown many times, and here are some Apt 9 (Kohl's) earrings to switch it up. My Mom has a purple cardigan to put over hers. Kaylan is new to dresses for summer and is excited to start getting into wearing them with these - I know she is going to love the comfort just as much as I do!

Kaylan suggested belting the trapeze one, so I wanted to show that here. This is seriously a piece that you can wear to bed and then dress up a bit to leave the house. (Ahem, I may or may not have done that here!)
I don't get into my local Kmart too much, but I did look online a bit to see that Jacklyn Smith has some similar sleepwear this summer too. I think the 90% off deal would only be in store though, so check it out when summer is closer to being over.
Lastly, a fun outtake where we were photo bombed by Richard!

Thanks Mom for these fabulous pieces!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sleeveless Button Ups

You've already seen how I've made non-maternity clothes work for the first 5 months of my pregnancy, and here are some more to share! Since all three of these looks featured a sleeveless button down blouse (all in fun animal prints too) I thought I would group them together.

Step #1
Pick a basic that you already have in your closet, whether it be maternity or not. My basics here are all black: J. Crew Dress (non-maternity, local consignment shop), Liz Lange Ponte Pants (maternity, Target), Apt 9 Midi Tube Skirt (non-maternity, Kohl's).
 Step 2:
Pick another neutral basic sweater or jacket for those chilly mornings or air conditioned offices. You can take it off when needed throughout the day. It's easy for all of these to be non-maternity pieces that you already have, because you don't need them to fit over your belly. In fact, you want your cute sleeveless top to show even when you have these on. Pictured here are: INC International Concepts Tan Cardigan (Macy's), Gap Jean Jacket (local consignment shop), Ruffle Cardigan (Matilda Jane).
 Step 3:
You can tie your shirt, wear it loose, or belt it. Note, these are all non-maternity blouses.
 Step #4:
Accessorize with your favorite shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, etc..... Notice how much I wear these black wedges (Unlisted "Webpage"). They are my go to's for sure! However, after wearing them for 3 summers now, they are starting to come apart in a few places. Off to eBay I go to replace them. I have done this quite a bit over the years with a piece I really love. If you love it that much, if it is comfy and stylist, I say go ahead and get the same exact thing!
 Here are some detail shots of the tops:
Camels = Croft & Barrow (Kohl's)
Fish = Alfani (Macy's)
Giraffes = Alfani (Macy's)
Hope you enjoyed these ideas, as much as I enjoyed putting them together! The only maternity piece featured was the black leggings!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Shower Dresses

When I was pregnant, I had several lovely baby showers. Of course, I planned on wearing specific dresses to them. I have enjoyed these same dresses over the years (not being pregnant) as well this second time around. When I had my showers, it was Winter so these dresses were worn with black tights and a black sweater. It's been really fun to accessorize them for summer with sandals and jean jackets!

 Axcess (a Liz Claiborne company) dress - Kohl's (they no longer carry this brand)
Jean Jacket - TJ Maxx
Sunglasses - Zulily
Unlisted "Webpage" Wedges - Steinmart
 And, I made a necklace to match the dress all those years ago. I just love the scribbled roses print and was glad I had a pendant that matched perfectly!
 Look #2:
Dress - Old Navy
Gap Jean Jacket - local consignment shop
Unlisted "Webpage" Wedges - Steinmart

 The necklaces I wear with this dress vary depending on my mood, since the floral print is pretty easy to match. Lately, I've been wearing this necklace I made with it. It features enamel flowers made by Jade Scott, which I wired onto the scalloped metal pieces I had.
 Here's a fun outtake..... Richard likes to mush his belly into mine, but we usually do it by pulling our shirts up so we are skin to skin. Such sweet bonding, but I told him that was not appropriate in our front yard! I do plan to get pics of our bare bellies together soon.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

That Anthropologie Smell

One of the things I love about shopping at Anthropologie is the "feel" of the store which includes the smell. A few years ago I found out their signature smell is the Capri Blue Volcano candles they burn. The scent is described as tropical fruits and sugared citrus, but I wouldn't say it is overly "sweet" in an annoying kind of way. It has a depth to it...... a mysterious smoky tone....... I can't quite put my finger on it.
The link I provided is the only size I have bought thus far, but they offer different sizes and glass options as well as reed diffusers and room spray. I am kind of curious if the room spray would work as a perfume.... that is how much I love this scent. To be determined I guess. I don't mind spending this much on a candle because it is the equivalent to a Yankee Candle in size and quality. What I love even more about Capri Blue is they are made in the USA (Mississippi) and you have a beautiful mercury glass container to reuse after (just check out Pinterest for all of the ideas). That being said, I have found some candles lately that are VERY close to Anthro's signature aroma and thought I would share. I just love being able to make my house smell like this, and it is instantly calming to me. Even if my entire house is a mess, when I light this it makes me feel better.
This first picture is the one and only Capri Blue candle!
This Clementine & Mango one I found at Hobby Lobby. Watch their sales because candles were 50% off the week I bought this one. I know I paid under $10 for it.
Here we have Maui Sunset from Pier 1. I normally do not like Pier 1 candles because I feel they smell great in the store but then do not carry the scent very far in your home when burned. This collection they have is much better though.

When I first saw the Island Moonlight candle at Target, I was drawn to the peacock design. When I smelled that familiar scent I was sold. This brand has several size options too and the reed diffusers. The link says it is only sold online, but they are in stores.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Black + Chambray

Black and chambray is a no brainer pair, especially when it comes to dressing the bump. I'm showing 2 options here with pieces I've already owned. I'm so glad I finally fell in love with chambray tops last summer!
I am getting so much wear out of this J. Crew dress (non-maternity) that I got at my local consignment shop several years ago! The Sonoma chambray button down is from Kohl's (I tied it here). Sunglasses from Zulily. Crocs wedges.
Check out this super bargain necklace I got at Anthropologie for $9.95! It's the Jacamar Bib necklace and it was normally $78.
Here, I am actually wearing maternity pieces from Target. The pants and the tunic are both Liz Lange, and I can certainly see myself wearing this tunic after baby. Sunglasses are the same and wedges are my favorite Unlisted brand from Steinmart. I am wearing jewelry here but it is really hard to see. A simple silver necklace and hoop earrings.